Jul 10, 2012

Two steps forward, One step back

In so many ways, this process of writing a novel is making progress only to find that there are still issues to be resolved. I just recently completed the major revision of the novel I had been planning since starting the DU graduate program in Creative Writing.

However, near the end I realized that there were too many of certain words I had been using. Then a couple of writer friends of mine who were reviewing the book told me the dame thing.
So, even though I am done with the major revision, I decided to go back through the entire thing to look for these words. Then when I started doing that, I found other improvements I could make. Now I am back to doing another edit of the book.

I do admit that each full edit makes the book better, but there has to be an end to it at some point. I am really hoping this will be the last one, especially since I want to get this released to the public in September.

The good news is that pretty much everything else is in place. The website is up and running and taking pre-orders and requests to be on the mailing list ( I have trial marketing runs going on Google and Facebook to see how the ads perform. I have a FaceBook page up and running ( And, PayPal is all set up to take payments. Even my personal web site and my humanist web site have been updated.

My mind is partly on the sequel, Tamdiu, so I really need to get this one out there so I can start on the next one...

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