Apr 26, 2012

Maturing Voice

Finding my own voice in writing is something I have been told will come when I am ready. But I believe I already have a voice. I was born with it, like everyone else. It just needs some development. It happens to be its teenage years. Full of energy and fervor and passion. Slightly awkward and not very refined. So how do I help my voice mature? What kind of dirt, sun and rain does it need to be ready for the world in which it will live? (These are the same questions I ask myself in thinking about how to best guide my son toward maturity). So I ponder. 

And in the meantime, I do what I have always done. I pick up a book. I am reading about others and their journey. My recent read was a Georgia O'Keefe biography. An artist and a woman, there is much about the exploration of her own voice that resonates with me. Although she is probably most known for her Southwest scenes, she explored herself and her craft in a variety of ways. She meandered in various forms and with various subjects. Although she was not a perfect being, she plunged forward, exploring which aspects of her craft (and voice) suited her during various stages of her life. And in the end, they were all part of her voice. And that voice is a useful guide in growing my own voice.

So I shall take advantage of my wisdom and be patient with my developing voice. Give it the space and the freedom to go where it needs to go. I shall pay attention to it and witness its inclinations. Stepping in only when I feel a little guidance is needed. Guiding with a book here, an experience there and some formal education. When it comes to voice, it really is about the journey. 

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