Mar 27, 2012

Random Selection

I have been thinking about the urge to create. Whether it be a painter, a quilter, or a writer, how does the artist choose which thought to put into production and which thought to allow to roll on by? This question led to thinking about my own process for choosing a writing topic. Since I began with journal writing, I am able to dump emotion onto the page with ease. I write to process and "talk" through situations and decisions. But during the course of my graduate coursework, I am learning other ways to choose a topic. I will write down my thoughts while I am reading something or if something strikes me. Then I return to it at a later date. There are often similar themes, which is the benefit of writing down random thoughts.

But more often than not I do not write them down. Partially because there are a lot of random thoughts in my head. And they race around quickly. My thoughts are awake long before I pull my body out of bed. I recently read a book about ADHD where the author describes ADHD as having a race car in your brain (I can relate). And you have to learn to use the breaks. I am not sure this applies to only those with ADHD. After all, it seems to be the goal of much meditation practice. First, learn to be conscious of your thoughts and then learn to drive them where you choose.

As a writer, this could be a gift. The ability to drive those thoughts. Yet, some of my most creative ideas and best writing come from the meanderings of my thinking. Much like a hike or drive with no map, you never know where you might end up. It could just be lost, but it could also lead to a magical place that you never would have found with a destination and map in mind. So as I practice putting on the breaks, I will make sure I remember how to let the race car just drive.

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